Strategic Consulting

The first important step in the development of the project is to determine the optimal use and maximize the potential of the land plot or building. The strategic consulting challenge is to develop a business idea focused on making a real estate facility successful in the long term. The real estate facilities can be the land plots and facilities that are under construction or already exist.

The strategic consulting is based on the analysis of the source data, such as the characteristics of the location, competitive environment, architectural and design features, financing options, as well as trends of a changing real estate market. Based on the analysis we can identify the options to use the facility and choose the best solution to maximize its financial performance. SQM Experts Team develops a full justification of the recommended solutions and presents it to the Customer.

The participation of a professional consultant - SQM Experts Company - in dealing with real estate facility allows the Customer to get a comprehensive expert opinion and strengthen his own team by involvement real estate experts with the diverse practical experience in the field of real estate development and management.

SQM Experts Team is ready to join at any stage of development of the project.