Concept Development

A smart concept of the real estate facility is the key to success of its implementation and operation in the long term. The basic development objectives for this area of strategic consulting are:

  • definition of the purpose or the main idea of the use of the real estate facility;
  • development of the conceptual planning decisions;
  • development of the recommendations on the organization of the process of lease or sale (brokerage);
  • forecast of the financial performance of the project;
  • development of the recommendations regarding the positioning of the project and its marketing promotion.

The team of SQM Experts has great experience not only in planning and implementation but also in real estate management. These competitions of our experts help the Customer to avoid many mistakes: minimize the risk of the problems during the phase of the implementation and operation of the project.

The unique field of the SQM Experts Company is the development of the various concepts of the entertainment formats of the real estate. The flagship project in this direction became the largest in Ukraine children’s interactive theme park of professions - Kidlandia.