Analysis of the Project Performance

The analysis of the performance of the real estate facility may be carried out at any stage of its development and is designed to promptly solve the following tasks: identify the strengths and weaknesses of the project, its potential problems and risks associated with the development of the real estate market, as well as to offer the recommendations for strengthening of the competitive position of the project and improving of its financial performance.

The task of the SQM Experts Team is a complex of the operational activities to determine the real potential of the project or facility, which is accompanied by the development of an optimal plan of the solutions to improve the performance of the real estate with regard to the interests and purposes of the Customer. The new projects developers obtain an objective assessment from SQM Experts Team for the additional expert verification of the planned project, and owners of the working facilities - a plan of the solutions to strengthen the competitive positions of the facility and improvement of it’s profitability.