History of the Project

Darynok Shopping Center was originally a facility in the format of the modern indoor market, where a wide range of the groups of goods and services were assembled: clothing, footwear, accessories, furniture and household goods, supermarket of electronics and home appliances, food market, cafes and restaurants. The SQM Experts Company has developed solutions aimed at improving the old concept of the project and increase its competitiveness in a growing number of the professional shopping centers. The experts of the SQM Experts Company were recruited for the optimization and further development of the overall concept, improvement of the architectural and planning solutions. In addition, our experts have developed the recommendations to optimize the management process of Darynok and proposed a package of ways and means to effectively promote the project.

Also, the consultants received the task to work out the concept of the development of the territories and buildings adjacent to the building of Darynok. The concept of the project Art Works Platforma became the result of the work of the SQM Experts Company.

Works completed:

  • strategic consulting;
  • analysis of the effectiveness of the existing concepts (examination of the concept) of the operating facility;
  • examination of the existing management system, as well as the development of the practical recommendations for its improvement;
  • development of the recommendations for the improvement and revitalization of the tenant mix
  • working out of the concept of the development of buildings and areas adjacent to the building of Darynok; development of the concept art cluster Platforma.